The Hidden Danger That Killed A 12-Year-Old After He Was Hurt In Gym Class

When you send your kids to school, you expect them to be safe. Sure, there are crazy situations beyond your control, but for the most part you know the teachers and staff will do whatever it takes to make sure your child is alright.

For Rory Staunton, his parents were left grieving the loss of their son after a normal fall in gym class.

Rory Staunton at a young age. People

In March 2012, Rory was in gym class when he dove for a ball and fell and cut his arm. Even though the school nurse was on duty, the gym teacher just decided to put two Band-Aids over the cut without cleaning it first.

The next day, Rory had a 104-degree-fever and was complaining of leg pain. His parents took him to his pediatrician where he was promptly rushed to the emergency room. Doctors concluded he was suffering from dehydration, so they gave him fluids and an anti-nausea drug.

On Friday, Rory’s fever still hadn’t broken and he was brought back to the emergency room. Doctors admitted him to the Intensive Care Unit, telling his parents their son was fighting for his life.

By Sunday night, Rory was dead.

So what happened in those two days that caused Rory Staunton to lose his life?

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