The Titanic Was Only Discovered Because The Navy Was Looking For Lost Submarines

The most famous shipwreck of all-time, the Titanic sunk off of the eastern coast of North America in 1912 after striking an ice burg in the north Atlantic ocean. 1500 souls were lost at sea the day the Titanic sank below the ocean waters.

The Telegraph

Dr. Bob Ballard, the man who actually ended up finding the wreck, approached the U.S. Navy in 1982, looking for funding to begin searching for the iconic vessel using a robotic submarine that he had developed on his own.

Encyclopedia Britanica

As you can imagine, the U.S. Navy wasn’t interested in spending money just to find an old shipwreck that had nothing other than historical value, but there was something below the waters of the Atlantic that they very much wanted to have a look at.

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