The Tragic Reason Why A Stranger Gave A Toddler A $20 Bill In Target

A few days ago, a mother shared a bittersweet post about how a stranger brought her to tears while she was shopping with her son at Target.

“This momma just cried in the middle of Target,” Alyssa Hacker of Coweta, Oklahoma started her post.

Given all the mom-shaming incidents that have been taking place lately, you would think that she was about to dive into another rant about how a stranger hurt her feelings, but her post was a far cry from that.

ColbyandAlyssa Hacker/Facebook

While navigating the aisles at the Fort Smith Target, Alyssa’s son, Owen, took interest in some dinosaur toys. She was in the midst of helping the toddler pick one out of the three, when an older man happened to be walking by them.

But, what the man actually did next that not only had the mom in tears, but it also showed her there was hope in the world.

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