The Truth Behind The Biggest Misconceptions Of Each Zodiac Sign

When someone reads your zodiac traits, they usually take away one aspect of it and just assume that is your entire personality. For example, “Oh you’re a Cancer, you must be an emotional wreck,” or, “Oh you’re a Sagittarius, do you care about anyone but yourself?”

Every sign gets judged and stereotyped. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding every sign, here they are, debunked:

People usually stereotype you as a bull-headed a**hole. They get this stereotype because you are known to be stubborn and say what you think. Although this is true, that doesn’t mean all of you are rude and annoying.

You will do anything for the people in your life and are also very down to earth. You tend to be blunt but that doesn’t mean you are a bad person.

People often think you are a push-over because you are a very kind and loving person. Anyone who tries to push you around will realize this isn’t the case, really quickly.

You are the sweetest person ever, but you will not deal with people trying to walk all over you. You will make anyone regret pushing you around, and they will definitely realize they were wrong about you.

People often see you as the life of the party that doesn’t care about anything except for fun, some people even see you as fake.

Although you enjoy a party, you also like having time to yourself, as well as even some quiet nights. People see you as fake because you have so many friends. You have a large social group because you get along with people so easily, that does not make you fake.

People look at you as a moody/emotional/overreacting mess. (Trust me, I know I’m a Cancer too.) There is no doubt that you have a lot of emotions, but that doesn’t mean you are a needy baby.

You just want to make those around you happy. Although you have a big heart for others, you can take care of yourself when you really need to.

People often see you as an attention-craving, vain person. (That’s just because they’re jealous of you though.)

Although you love being the center of attention, you often put the needs of others ahead of your own and are constantly thinking of the people you care about.

People always feel like you are too critical and always judging. People see you as thinking you are perfect while they suck. This isn’t true.

You are very critical, but you are more critical of yourself rather than other people. You constantly strive to better yourself and do whatever you can to achieve this.

People often see you as a lazy person. They see this because they only see the laid-back and unreliable side of you.

You make things look easy to a point that people think you’re doing nothing, while you’re actually working your butt off. You’re laid-back attitude often sparks misconceptions surrounding laziness or not caring. Just because you’re laid back doesn’t mean you’re useless.

People see you as a very harsh, possessive person.

The reality of this is that you just really care about the people in your life. You would do literally anything for the people you love so people sometimes see your protective nature as possessive. You’re not crazy, just loving.

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