There’s An 90% Chance You Couldn’t Have Predicted These 8 Weatherperson Facts

You may love them or hate them, but your local weather network is most likely the most accurate news you’ve been hearing lately!

Meteorologists have been presenting weather forecasts on television for the first time in 1936, and since then has now become a staple for any news channel that you can find both nationally or regionally.

Knowing what the outside world will be like has a huge impact on how you live your life, and no one is more aware of that fact than the people who report it to the homes across the country.

But even though we see them everyday, there is a lot about this job that many people may not know about!

You may be surprised to discover that none of what weather reporters say is scripted, in fact, all they have to go on for their presentations are the graphics. This is why there are oft-repeated phrases that you’ll hear in most segments, because their job is simply to get the information out there.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s all made up! There’s a ton of research that goes into their broadcast, and they are only able to ad-lib the rest because of how well they know the data.

Even though they have college and university degrees for weather research, most forecasters understand that the average Joe and Jane won’t have a clue what a panhandle hook is. One tip that most weather reporters use is imagining that they are speaking to someone’s parent. If you can politely (and enthusiastically) give them the what, when, and where about the upcoming forecast, you’re in the clear!

There is a strict dress code for people presenting the news, and it can be taxing to make sure you are dressed appropriately for every single day of the month, with no repeats!

Women in particular have it tough, as many viewers will call in if they feel certain outfits are too revealing. Luckily, many have found a very affordable dress on Amazon that seems to suit every female presenter on air!

Many of us are aware that the weather animations we see on our TV screens are not actually projected behind the weatherpersons, but are actually added in using special effects for viewers at home.

While the presenters can see the graphics on a screen in front of them, a surprising amount of anchors just can’t get a hang of it. Unfortunately, this has ended more than a few careers in the industry!

You can expect more interesting weather reporting facts, right after the break!

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