These Are The Top 10 Baby Names Of The 1970s. Is Yours On It?

While some of the popular names of the 1970s echo those of the previous years, many parents got their thinking caps on and picked names that haven’t cracked the top ten in decades.

Here are the ten male and female baby names that dominated during the age of disco:

Borrowed from Greek, Nicole means “victory of the people.”

The 70s was the first time in more than 50 years that Matthew cracked the top ten. The name, which means “Gift of Jehovah,” is derived from Hebrew. The name gained popularity due to the bible figure Matthew the Apostle.

In some cases Matthew is an anglicization of Mathuin, an Irish name meaning “bear.”

Stephanie, the female form of Stephen, has its roots in Greek. The name comes from Stefanos, which means “crown.”

William is a name that has consistently been in the top ten for decades. The classic name means “strong-willed warrior” in Old German.

The use of Heather, which is a type of small shrub native to Scotland and England, as a name in the U.S. can be traced all the way back to 1852. An article in the New York Times mentions an infant by the name of Miss Heather Campbell arriving from Glasgow. Heather can also refer to any shade of color with grey streaks within it.

As for Brian, it means “exalted one.” Derived from the Old Celtic words for “high” or “noble,” it gained popularity in the 10th century due to a King of Ireland named Brian Boru.

Angela stems from the Greek words “angelos,” which means “messenger of gods.”

No matter which variation is used, Robert is an Old English name meaning “bright flame.”

Lisa was the most popular female name of the 60s, but it dropped down a few spots the following decade. It is a short form of the name Elizabeth, which stands for “My God is an oath” or “My God is abundance” in Greek.

The name John also fell off the top five since 70s. The biblical moniker means “Jehovah is gracious.”

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