These TV Stations Paid Off $3 Million of Medical Debt For Families in America

For most Americans, medical debt is an unfortunate part of life. Due to many citizens living without health insurance, an ordinary visit to the doctor may cost hundreds of dollars which they are unable to pay.

13-year-old Katie was first diagnosed with leukemia at the beginning of 2015. Her parents, desperate to keep her alive, have spent thousands of dollars to provide her with the intense chemotherapy treatments she needs. After three years and over $10,000 in medical bills, the family was forced to sell their home to pay off the debt they had accumulated.

They purchased a piece of land and decided to build a new house from scratch. But after a few months, Katie relapsed. The exhausted family has been forced to move in with relatives. Their  new home has been placed on hold due to a lack of funds.

Several miles away, Joelle Craft has been avoiding debt collectors since she was a teenager. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was just 16 and the illness has forced her to spend thousands of dollars on treatment since then. “I will constantly have medical debt,” she says.

As an adult with three children, Joelle suspected she had cancer, but put off going to the doctor because she did not want to incur more debt. When she finally did, doctors discovered she did indeed have cancer and Joelle underwent uterine surgery, which she says saved her life.

“I couldn’t say no to that surgery,” she says, “I’ve got three kids. I can’t say no to healthcare. That’s like saying no to them.” Although she is grateful to be alive, she is now saddled with thousands of dollars in debt which has gone to collection.

Two television stations who had been reporting on these stories and the larger debt crisis decided to be a part of the solution they were advocating for in an incredible way.

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