They Almost Gave Up On Their Missing Dog, But 2 Years And 1,200 Miles Later They’re Together Again

When Relay the dog went missing from her home in West Palm Beach, Florida, her owner Richard Moneck wanted to do more than just put up some flyers.

In fact, while he was canvassing his neighborhood, Moneck went a step further and did some amateur detective work. After a local gas station worker said he had seen a dog matching Relay’s description, Moneck asked to see his security tapes. What the footage showed only raised more questions.

In the security video, an unknown person could be seen scooping Relay into a van and driving off. Weeks went by, then months, without any new information about Relay’s location. Moneck’s parents lost hope, but the 18-year-old had an ace up his sleeve.

When he adopted relay, the teenager spent money he had saved up working odd jobs on a microchip for his pet. It was an investment that paid off when Relay was finally found and identified by the tag…in Long Island.

So how, exactly, did Relay travel 1,200 miles?

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