[UPDATE] My [29M] fiancee [28F] of 4 years randomly claimed I abused her, and called the police. This came completely out of the blue.

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Okay so this is going to be a weird ass update. I'm sorry if you guys thought this was going to be anything interesting.

A friend came forward and told me that apparently my dumb ass fiancee decided to play a prank on me. She had the bright idea of leaving the house for a couple of days to set up a surprise birthday party for me set for this weekend. I don't know what the fuck she was thinking, nor do I even really know the full story yet. She is not really the prank playing type and I guess thought this would be hilarious or something.

It looks like a majority of those "friends" who were acting distant were in on it. After I started being up front and honest with showing people my texts with her as this sub suggested, one of them told her that this wasn't cool, and that if she didn't come clean, than he would. Well, she didn't come clean, and he came forward. I guess that's why nobody was answering their texts?

Anyway, I texted her and I told her that I knew, asked her what the fuck she was thinking. She started blowing my phone up apologizing. She said her prank just went too far and spiraled out of control when it got to social media, and that she didn't know how to come clean when she realized that it crossed a line. She also said that she didn't mean to let it come out that I was abusing her, and that she just wanted to make it seem like she left me, and that the abuse stuff was a rumor started by some other people who weren't in on her joke.

I just didn't really respond to her. I left and went to my parents' house before she got back home. My family now thinks she's a fucking moron, so her relationship with them is ruined right before our marriage, so that's great. Our mutual friends are now split in half with half of them thinking she's an idiot, and the other half feeling god knows what about the situation. I'm frankly embarrassed, and feel stupid for wasting everyone's time and dragging them into my relationship with my fiancee.

I don't really know where to go from here. I don't know if I should call of the wedding, or postpone it and try to work out what the hell went through her mind.

I'm sorry if this isn't the ending to the story you were all hoping for. I'm having drinks and will be here all night feeling sorry for myself and answering comments for as long as I'm awake with this Jameson.

tl;dr: This was actually just a stupid prank by my fiancee.

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