We Finally Know How David Copperfield Made The Statue Of Liberty Disappear

Even if you don’t know much about magic, you’ve probably heard of David Copperfield.

America’s favorite magician is still entertaining audiences at 61, but he’s most famous for his live TV specials from the 1980s, where he pulled off some seriously impressive slight of hand before our very eyes. He has walked through the Great Wall of China, escaped from Alcatraz prison, and even made a Learjet vanish on live TV.

But his most famous trick of all was when he made the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of a live audience. Copperfield explained that he wanted to make the 310 foot statue disappear to remind us all “how precious liberty is and how easily it can be lost. I can show with magic how we take our freedom for granted,” by making Lady Liberty disappear.

To pull off the trick, Copperfield raised a giant screen in front of the statue. When he dropped it, the statue was gone, and a helicopter camera crew showed spotlights passing through the vanished statue. Copperfield also used some special equipment to convince us he wasn’t faking.

Special cameras contained in locked boxes photographed the vanishing act, and a radar screen next to Copperfield showed the statue disappearing during the trick. The magician even promised there were no “camera tricks” involved in the stunt.

Watch the trick and see if you can tell how Copperfield did it…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=823GNH4Rczg?feature=oembed]

Can you tell how the tricked work? We have the explanation….

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