Wedding Invite Ended Up Being A Slap In The Face To Mother’s Everywhere

While we hear repeatedly that breast is best, there is still a lot of stigma about giving our babies the breast in public. Time and time again we hear of stories telling women to go and feed their children in the bathroom or to cover them and their babies even in 90 degree weather, but often these instances of shaming are by strangers.


So when one mom received an invitation to a wedding that included a special note about feeding her children, you can imagine that it sparked some outrage.

One mom, who has chosen to remain anonymous, shared a note she received as part of a wedding invite specifically asking to not breastfeed her baby at the wedding. Instead, it indicated there would be an “option” to feed her baby in the bathroom. While the note originally sounds to be sympathetic towards breastfeeding moms, it became clear that wasn’t the case pretty quickly.

“To all our mommies who are breastfeeding,” it reads. “We are thinking of you; we are sensitive that you may need to breastfeed during our event, therefore, we have designed an appropriate space for you to feed your baby so that you do not have to do so in public in front of our Family and Friends.”

Huffington Post

While the note says that they are “sensitive” to a breastfeeding mom’s needs, they also made it clear that they don’t want these babies to be fed within view of another guest.

How this mom reacted is perfect.

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