When They Give Their Deaf Stepdad The Best Gift Of All, His Reaction Says Everything

A stepdaughter with a big heart surprised her father with the greatest gift of all, and got it all on camera.

When Hank Blankenship met his wife Deidre, she already had a pair of children from a previous marriage. Of course that’s not unusual these days, and Hank fit right in with his new kids, Alexander and Cassidy. Compared to their biological father, who Deidre calls “a dead beat,” Hank was a picture-perfect dad.

He gave his step-children the love and support that any father should, and soon Alexander and Cassidy welcomed their half-sister Savannah and half-brother Trey. “I saw his love for my children and how hard he worked to provide for us,” Deidre says about Hank.

So she wasn’t surprised when Cassidy, who’s 15 now, asked to do something special that would pay back the man she calls “Dad” for his years of love and support. At a recent family gathering, Deidre and all of her kids worked together to pull off a surprise that left Hank in tears.

And, of course, they got the whole thing on camera…

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