Woman Lost 350lbs But Was Still Being Shamed For Her Body, Her Response Is Just Perfect

At her heaviest Jacqueline Adan weighed over 500 pounds. That’s when she decided to make a change in her life.

“I was unhappy, felt stuck and did not love myself,” she wrote on her Instagram page that has almost 56,000 followers.

Through healthy eating, exercise and a strong effort, she has now lost 350 pounds and it didn’t come easily.

“It took hard work, sacrifice and never giving up, even if it was challenging. It took blood, lots of sweat and many tears. But I would not have changed a thing. It taught me to fight. It taught me to never give up. And most importantly it taught me to believe in myself!” she wrote.

She says her journey is far from over and that she is in the process of having excess skin removal surgery.

Adan is embracing her new body that she worked so hard for. It was on a trip to Mexico that she wore a bathing suit for the first time in years without feeling the need to cover up.

“I was nervous to take my cover up off and to walk into the pool or walk on the beach. I still felt like that same 500 pound girl…then it happened,” she wrote. “A couple sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as I took my cover up off. So what did I do?”

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