Women Line Up Around The Block To Give Much Needed Aid To Florida Electrical Workers

More than a week after Hurricane Irma ripped through the the state of Florida, clean up crews are still working to get everything back to normal. While crews continue to work long hours attempting restore power to residents across the state, they are all missing the comforts of home while being out on the line.

Right now there are still 4,000 people in emergency shelters, and as many as 675,000 homes still in the dark.

Rick Perry, Energy Secretary notes that much of the power grid will have to be rebuilt so they crews are in for a big job. Since most of the lines in Florida are above ground, much of the infrastructure was destroyed in the high winds of the hurricane.

It’s estimated that 60,000 utility workers from the U.S. and Canada are currently working to restore Florida’s power.

Some estimates say that it will be weeks before power is fully restored in Florida, so these linesman won’t be getting a break any time soon.

That’s why these women are hoping to make the life of the linesmen easier.

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