WWII Veteran Breaks Down While Reading Lost Love Letter To Late Wife

A World War II veteran has been reunited with an emotional love letter he sent his late wife 70 years before they were married.

Ninety-year-old Bill Moore, wrote this tear-jerking note to Bernadean Gibson while he was serving in Europe during the second world war.

After being separated during the war, Moore knew that he wanted Gibson to be his wife.

“When you’re apart for that reason,” Moore said, “not knowing if and when you’d ever see that person again, every chance you got to communicate was just wonderful.”

Daily Mail

The couple met when she was still in high school, and when Moore returned home, he married the love of his life and they had three children together.

They remained happily together for 63 years before Gibson passed away in April 2010. After she died, Moore sold many of his possessions before moving into an assisted-care facility for veterans. This is how he believes his letter got lost.

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